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AMD公司华人女CEO 不想活在他人的阴影下

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本文摘要:Last October, Lisa Su became the first female leader of a major semiconductor company. As Advanced Micro Devices AMD 1.16% new CEO, the long-time technologist also became one of the 25 women CEOs in the Fortune 500. She has since spent the


Last October, Lisa Su became the first female leader of a major semiconductor company. As Advanced Micro Devices AMD 1.16% new CEO, the long-time technologist also became one of the 25 women CEOs in the Fortune 500. She has since spent the past few months trying to get the company—which, like larger rival Intel, has suffered from slumping PC sales—back on a path of profitable growth. To explain how she plans to do that (and to share her thoughts on breaking the glass ceiling at AMD and her passion for gaming), Su sat down for an exclusive interview with Fortune this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.去年十月,苏姿丰沦为一家大型半导体公司的首位女性掌门人。作为超威半导体(AMD)的新CEO,这位经验丰富的技术专家也由此沦为《财富》500强劲企业中仅有的25名女性CEO之一。过去几个月,她仍然企图令超威重回盈利轨道,因为超威像英特尔一样,近来也遭到了PC销量下降的冲击。

上周,苏姿丰在拉斯维加斯的CES展上拒绝接受了《财富》的独家采访,编撰了她的公司兴起计划,她对自己在超威超越女性职业晋升瓶颈的观点,以及她对游戏的热情。Edited excerpts:以下是经过编辑的专访概要:FORTUNE: You’re a few months in to the job now. What do you hope to do, and what’s the plan?《财富》:你离任早已几个月了。你想做到些什么?你的计划是什么?Lisa Su:It’s been just about 90 days, and it’s been fabulous. I have been with the company for a couple of years and in the semiconductor industry for over 20 years. It is incredibly fun to run a company like AMD. I’ve spent most of the last quarter on the road. So that’s a lot of time with customers and partners and employees. The most interesting thing is just talking about the technology and why it’s exciting and important and we’re going with it. I grew up as a technology geek, and now I get to live the part for real.苏姿丰:差不多90天了,感觉十分好。



Semiconductors have always been my background, so building chips and seeing the product of our designs go into devices is really cool for me. I think the vision that I’m trying to establish for AMD is that we are a company with technology that’s really, really leading edge, and we’re going into the most important applications over the next five years. So 50 billion devices will be connected together and there will be all different types of devices. You’ll have PCs and cars and more, and all of them need computing and visualization. That’s what we do.我的背景仍然是半导体,所以我实在,生产芯片、看著我们设计的产品转入电子设备,是一件很棒的事。我指出我只想超威创建的愿景就是,我们是一家技术十分先进设备的公司,而且我们要做到的正是未来五年里应用于最广的东西。未来联网的设备将超过500亿台,而且也将不会有各种有所不同的设备。


How can you differentiate the company going forward?展望未来,你如何让这家公司构建差异化?Diversifying the business is definitely a good thing. But for me, it’s really about product applications and what we can enable and inspire. I think AMD is at our best when we’re working with a customer and allowing them to do something they couldn’t do before. That is not the history of the company—the history of the company is that we’ve been second source to other people. I think we really need to change that, that’s the nugget I’d like to change. Two years from now if we’re sitting here, you should be thinking, “Hey, these are all the cool things that AMD is in”—not that AMD is a second source to somebody else.让业务多样化意味著是一件好事。但在我看来,更加最重要的是产品的应用于,以及我们需要促使什么、灵感什么。




So what kind of cool things, for example?你们正在参予研发哪些十分傻的产品,能荐个例子吗?Like the iMac 5K display. It has all of the technology that we can pack and graphics and visualization in a beautiful form factor. Also game consoles—that’s really a product that enables so much. I happen to have lots of game consoles in my house, and for our holiday party we did Just Dance [a “rhythm game” developed and published by Ubisoft]. It’s not a fighter game, but it’s a different way of socializing and bringing technology to the forefront. I think that’s what I’d like AMD to be known for—you know, we bring cool applications to the market.比如iMac 5K显示器。它构建了我们现有的全部技术,还有图形和虚拟化等等,而且外形也很漂亮。此外还有游戏机,它是一个具备相当大创造力的产品。我家里就有很多游戏机,在家里进假日舞会的时候,我们就不会玩游戏《舞力魔幻》(一款由Ubisoft公司研发的“旋律游戏”)。

它不是一个对战游戏,而是一种全新的社交方式,而且把科技推向了前沿。我想要这就是我期望超威需要拥有的声誉——你告诉,我们不会把很棒的应用于推向市场。You’ve been in the industry for a long time. How has it changed? There seems to be a changing of the guard at a lot of companies at the moment and rapid technology changes.你转入这个行业早已很长时间了,它有什么变化吗?目前或许有许多公司都替换了掌门人,而且技术变革的速度也十分慢。The pace of change has increased. It’s not measured on years anymore; you can actually see it in a shorter time scale. Putting management changes aside—because every company has management changes and that’s not necessarily the primary factor—the market is changing and it’s because the technology is changing so fast. If you think about the period of time between when we went from PCs being the center of the universe to smartphones to tablets to now, where it’s not any one of those things but really a collection of hundreds of devices that have become important, I think it’s really because those changes have accelerated that it causes us as technology people to be much smarter or more predictive of what has to happen. Because when we make an investment in technology today it will take us three years to see if it will pay off. So we have to be predicting what will happen three years from now.变革的速度早已减缓了。




I joke about this but a lot of people ask me why AMD isn’t in smartphones. I say, “That’s an interesting question but you should have asked me that three years ago.” What you should be asking me today is what’s going to be important three years from now. That’s the part of our industry that I think makes it so interesting to be in, because the important money is what are we investing in in the future.我曾打趣地想起这一点,但很多人回答我,为什么超威没转入智能手机行业。我说道:“这是一个很有意思的问题,但你应当在三年前回答我。”你今天回答我的问题应当是三年以后什么最重要。

这正是为什么我实在这个行业十分有意思,因为最重要的是我们未来要投资什么。But there’s still a lot of money in mobile. Was the decision not to be there a mistake?但目前还是有很多资金投在了移动上,没转入移动领域是不是一个错误?I think the decision was one that was made three years ago. And I view it as, you have to play to your strengths. There are a lot of phones that are going to be sold and that’s good. But our strengths are in computing and visualization. So playing to our strengths is key.我想要这个要求是三年前做到出来的。我指出我们必需扬长避短。虽然卖出去的手机的确很多,这也很好,但我们的优势在于计算出来和虚拟化,所以发挥优势很关键。

AMD is in two very large markets [PCs and gaming] but not dominant in either. Is that a problem?超威同时在两个十分大的市场里博弈论(PC和游戏),但没支配其中任何一个。这是不是一个问题?The way I think about it is that I would probably define the markets differently as we go forward. The market is going to be defined by those 50 billion connected devices. So the question is does it end up being that there’s a set of applications where different technologies are satisfying different applications. I think AMD has a set of technologies that can service a broad number of those applications. It’s different than if we’re talking about microscopic changes on a quarterly basis. There you tend to get into who lost and gained a percentage point of market share.我对这个问题的观点是,随着公司的更进一步发展,我可能会对市场做到有所不同的定义。未来市场将由那500亿台联网设备来定义。


So you’re saying that who’s going to be dominant could be different because the market categories could be different?所以你是说道,市场的主宰者可能会逆,因为市场类别本身可能会逆?Yes. I firmly believe that the innovation in computing is still really in its infancy. As good as our phone is today, the speech recognition and the face recognition isn’t very good today. So there’s still plenty of innovation to be had.是的。我深信计算出来领域的创意依然正处于早期阶段。

虽然现在你的手机早已挺不错了,但语音辨识和面部辨识功能依然不是很好。所以还有很多的创意要做到。Is running this company something you always aspired to do?接掌这家公司是不是你仍然渴求做到的事情?It’s definitely something I aspired to do. I went to school at MIT with a whole bunch of engineers. And then I started work one day and asked myself, “why do all of these MIT Ph.D.s work for Harvard MBAs?” Why should it be like that? I was one of those engineers who thought, “Why are these people making those dumb decisions?” So it’s fun to be the person making them. This is a fantastic opportunity.当然这是我仍然渴求的。我在麻省理工学院的很多同学都是工程师。

然后有一天我开始工作了,我回答自己:“为什么这么多麻省理工的博士要给哈佛的MBA打零工?”为什么不会是这样?另外很多工程师还包括我自己都会想要:“为什么这些人做到的决策这么傻?”所以自己去当决策人是一挺有意思的,这是一个十分动人的机会。You’re also the first woman to run a major semiconductor company.你也是第一个接掌一家大型半导体公司的女性。

I’ve heard that.我听闻了。Is that a significant milestone to you?这对你是一个根本性的里程碑吗?I think I’m honored by it. I’m honored more by the fact that if you had asked me what I want to be when I grew up, it would have been pretty much here. Just 90 days into a job it’s hard to talk about legacy, but what’s more important to me is that when you grade AMD, whether it’s three years from now or five years from now, you grade it on that this was a fantastic set of assets that she turned into something special. That would be a phenomenal grade to have. So that’s more important than do I happen to be the first [woman] today.我实在很光荣。这是因为如果你在我小时候回答我,长大了想当什么,我的答案很有可能就是这样一份工作。现在我离任刚90天,还谈不上能带来这家公司多大的影响。




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